Bible College vs Christian University

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Bible Colleges and Christian Universities offer degrees and doctorates in theological studies. They assist the student in his or her journey of learning about the Bible, God’s inspired Word and learn to become like God’s own Son Jesus Christ.

The programs and courses of Bible College and Christian University are designed so as to help the student discover riches of Jesus Christ’s words and understand life’s abundances that he has offered to each one of us.

The courses cover studies on both the Old and New Testament. The courses are designed at educating, equipping and validating the pursuit of deeper knowledge about Him and the individual’s relationship to God. These goals are accomplished by providing relevant studies of the Bible for those yearning for Christian maturity.

Bible colleges unlike traditional Christian Universities are centered on Christian ideology and theology. This is reflected in every sphere of their studies including academic programs, volunteer projects, and social clubs and even the worship services. The degrees offered by Bible colleges are usually based on seminary programs and theological departments. These include youth ministry, Christian ministry, Bible Studies, Christian counseling and religious and theological studies amongst other courses.

However, these are specific programs based on religious beliefs. Christian Universities offer regular arts and science courses interspersed with religious studies. While these courses may encourage moral leadership like spreading of God’s Word, setting examples through the right lifestyle and vocation and may also include daily prayers and prayer at graduation, the affiliation to religion is quite limited. Some of the courses may cover certain topics on religion, theology and philosophy but do not have programs and degrees specializing in seminary and Christian ministry. They do not focus on developing religious leaders.

Bible colleges are more conservative and the students are expected to participate in mission trips, service projects, chapel events and praise and worship groups. Some of the Bible colleges may have dress codes and time restrictions on the male and female students meeting each other.

The curriculum programs of Bible colleges include External Degree program, Religious Education, Christian Counseling and Master of Divinity.

Degrees offered by Christian University include:

* Bachelor of Arts
* Bachelor of Music
* Bachelor of Science (specializations in Ministry Programs: Youth, Children, Preaching, Worship, Urban and Intercultural)
* Biblical Studies & Education
* Professional Studies like Child Care, Psychology, Business Management, Information Technology, History, Communication Arts, Music interspersed with Biblical Studies & Worship
* Associate Degrees

Degrees and doctorates from Bible colleges include:

* Master of Arts in Counseling or MAC
* Master of Divinity or M.Div and
* Master of Arts in Religion or MAR
* Adult Learning
* B.Sc in Biblical Studies (Leadership and Ministry)
* B.Sc in Biblical Studies (Management and Ethics)
* B.Sc in Biblical Studies (Worship Ministry)

Bible Colleges also offer Certificate programs such as:

* Certificate of Old Testament Studies
* Certificate of New Testament Studies
* Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
* Associate of Arts in Theology
* Bachelor of Arts in Theology
* Masters of Arts in Theology and

Though there are no formal rankings for Bible colleges and Christian Universities, the most popular ones based on overall academic achievement and Christian and Spiritual life on Campus are as follows:

* Wheaton College, Illinois
* Pepperdine, Malibu
* David Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN
* Biola University, California
* Abilene Christian University, Texas
* Baylor University, Texas
* Oklahoma Christian, Oklahoma
* Texas Christian, Texas
* Freed-Hardeman University, TN
* Harding University, Arkansas

Apart from there, there are numerous online Bible Colleges and Christian Universities which can help integrate academic, professional and religious life of a student. Through the computer and internet it is possible to improve career prospects, expand horizons and continue your Christian faith all at the same time. Some of the most popular online Bible colleges are:

* Liberty University
* Regent University
* Grand Canyon University
* Ashford University
* LeTourneau University
* Benedictine University

These provide the same Associate, Bachelor or Master’s degree like the regular colleges and universities and are normally accredited with the local education institutions. These universities and colleges provide the flexibility of obtaining the degree from the comforts of your home, and are especially good if you do not have any Bible colleges and Christian Universities in the vicinity.

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