Christian College Application Essays

Contributed by: Jennifer

Adding an extra essay to the application of Christian Colleges is as important as the application itself. While some of the colleges do not include the essay as a requisite with the application, many colleges require mandatory submission of an extra essay along with the application in order for the application to be acknowledged. Even if the application requires no essay, it is advised to include the writings anyway. This will make the application be distinctive and creates a good impression.

The essay topic has to be chosen in such a way that the college gains confidence in the student to be a positive influence on the college. The essay should reflect high-minded virtues, confidence, sincerity and honesty. It could be related to personal relationships with God or individual ideologies of life or career related topics.

Here is a list of a few topics that are being used in Christian College Applications:

1.Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

2.My Mission On Earth

3.My Career Choice

4.My Philosophy Of Life

5.My Ideology Of Learning

6.My Encounter With God

7.A Successful Student

8.What A College Education Means To Me?

9.Why Should I Be Admitted In The University?

10.My Career Goals

Adding an extra essay alone is not going help your college application. What really matters is how well you have written your essay. The essay, if badly written, could even kill your chances of getting admitted into the college. So, one has to be very careful about choosing the right topic and writing about it well.

The first step is to choose an appropriate essay topic and the choice of the subject depends upon the Christian Institution of your choice. Some colleges will give you very specific topics for you to write your essay on, while some institutions provide you with a wide array of essay topics to choose from. While choosing a topic, make sure it is not very common and make sure that it emphasizes on your strengths and uniqueness.

Once you know what your topic is, you have to think about the content of your essay. The essay should act as a window to your soul, giving the reader an insight of your outlook on life. Also, make sure that your essay is not too long and is between 250-500 words in length.

Write the essay with the appropriate tone; make the essay such that the readers experience your emotion in relation to the topic as they read the essay. Make sure the tone of your essay does not deviate from the actual topic at any point. Do not make the tone of essay plain and dull or lacking in emotion. The essay is merely the reflection of who you are, so add more life to the tone according to the mood of the topic.

When you write your application essay, keep the reader in your mind. The admission personnel evaluating your essay will have to read and analyze several other essays along with yours. So you have to make your essay very simple and easy to read. One way to achieve this is to start the essay with a strong introduction that gives an overview of the essay and also includes a key sentence to the topic. It must also show very good command over the language.

When the reader finds the introduction to be impressive, he or she might come to the immediate conclusion that you have composed the essay without deviating from the topic and concluded perfectly. This really eases the task of the admission official and increases the chance of you receiving your admittance letter.

The Admission essay acts as a mirror of the person you are and plays a very important role in Christian College Applications. The essay helps the reader assess your command over the language and your writing skills, in general. The essay represents your values and philosophies as a person. A good essay will show the reader that you are a proficient candidate with good language and writing skills and also drives the reader to come to a conclusion that you will be of a better influence on the campus.