Christian Online vs Campus Education

Contributed by: Lee Raney

Since the introduction of online education, a common debate has been raised among students who are interested in either online education or on-campus as to which one would be the most beneficial to pursue. Preferences are based on individual choices as there can be many elements to be considered while deciding on an option that could be the right one for you.

To make things clear you will have to compare both options, study the pros and cons of each and then settle on the one that is best suited for you. Let us take a look at the basic factors or compare both the options.

Reading and learning on your own, is what an online education offers, based on these facts, you can ascertain yourself that you can be on your own as far as comprehending the materials is concerned. In traditional classes you have teachers to teach you methodically and they have a format by which they enable students to grasp the sessions and concepts.

Here you can easily test yourself by down loading some materials and learn, if you are comfortable and able to follow then you can go ahead and pursue online Education. If not, then online education is probably not the right option for you.

Time factor

Assignments given should be completed on time is what traditional or on-campus education systems demands. However, for the online education you have to rely on yourself and have the tendency to complete the task without being motivated by others or have a natural flair in you to conclude any given projects in time as you have no tutors to reprimand you to complete the task.

Campus life And Socializing

The most important and vital difference when you compare online education and campus education is socialization. Campus life is basically where you socialize and make new friends and take pleasure in communicating with other students and study together in the same venue. If this is what you are interested in then online education does no provide you with such an environment as you have only yourself to keep company and do not expect any graduation day or meet new friends or no indulging in sports etc. If you like socializing then online education may sound boring and impossible to handle.

If you are an adult working professional and would like to pursue your further education then online education gives you the maximum flexibility. You can earn a degree without disturbing your personal and professional commitments and most importantly at your own comfortable pace.

After briefly going through the comparing aspects, you must have fairly got an idea of what to expect with both the options and which one would be ideal for you, yet to make things get clear we can even take a look at the advantages and the disadvantages of online education and campus education.

Rigid Schedules

With the campus classes you are expected to follow certain time restrains according to the rules of that particular university and are not even allowed a minutes delay for the lecture in the classes. But this cannot pose a problem for you if you opt for an online education as you have to choose your own time and have to face no deadlines as most of the students already are engaged in jobs or have other priorities to take care of.

Debate And Discussion

While in class a question can be answered immediately by the professor and you can clear your doubts right away whereas online students will have to wait, mail their questions to the discussions boards and get an answer from the professor or other students. Some students prefer a personal interaction and some like to-the-point answer given by discussion boards, so factually speaking it is a matter of preference.


Online students are provided with downloads in formats such as video or text. Students of traditional classes are asked to research online on a given topic and download materials on the internet. But if you have a doubt you have to wait for the next class to clarify.

Professors Credibility

It is assumed that online professors are not credible and they are simply experts of a particular field with no degree or qualification. However, this is a common misconception about online education. There is no doubt that you are assured of legitimate and qualified professors by online universities that are credible.

With all these factors, one has to choose depending on his or her circumstances and situations. Determining the right college education environment is up to personal preference and convenience.

Some of the best and accredited online Christian colleges that offer programs in various streams are Liberty University Online, Regent University, Grand Canyon, Benedictine University, Ashford University and much more. You can visit and contact these universities today and request for more information on the degree program that interests you.