Rules and Honor Codes at Christian Colleges

Contributed by: Lee Raney

Christian colleges follow a faith-based higher education where they combine professional teaching with equal focus on Christian topics. Christian Colleges are comparatively more strict in their policies towards students than the other non-religious institutions. These rules are purposed at creating a strong, virtuous humane community and a healthier learning environment for Christian students.

Standards vary from college to college, however on the whole Christian colleges provide quality education coupled with valuable religious teachings and discipline according to the bible.

Christian colleges have stringent rules that regulate the students’ activity both on campus and off. Many rules are created to monitor the conduct of the student on the campus to maintain decorum, and high standards. The colleges are very particular about their dress codes and permit the students to wear clothing only according to the dress code drafted for the college. If not adhered, the students are liable for punishments. The colleges require a written note from a parent or legal guardian of the student in case of an absence.

Pre-planned leave must be intimated to the college in writing 24 hours before taking off. If a note cannot be submitted to the college, the parent or legal guardian must call the college and inform them of the leave; calls by any other family member or relative will not be approved. Many magazines are labeled inappropriate and are banned from the campus and music is limited to classical hymns. Some colleges offer demerits to the students for listening to unapproved radio stations.

There are also a number of rules that have to be strictly adhered to in the dormitories. In some colleges rooms are checked every morning and have to be clean to some degree. At anytime an authorized person from the administration or student community may inspect your room, without prior notice, looking for unauthorized things. After bed-time students are not allowed to engage in any activity and could be punished if caught breaking the rules.

Added to on campus rules, there are off campus rules that control the activities of the students when they are away from college. While going off campus, students have to inform the authorities of where exactly he/she intends to go and have to return by 10:00 PM at the latest. Many restaurants and other public places are prohibited and the students under any condition may not visit these places. Men and women are not allowed to go to the same beach. Female students are not allowed to go off campus without company of other female students.

The Christian Colleges have strict policies towards sexuality and dating. Some colleges do not allow men and women to communicate unless they are in a chaperoned area. Many colleges even have separate sidewalks for men and women. There should be absolutely no physical contact between men and women on campus. Some colleges allow men and women to hold hands during a date off campus when accompanied by an approved chaperon. There is absolutely no toleration of premarital sex and homosexuality in most of the Christian Colleges.

Some of the colleges make Bible course, a part of students curriculum and include many prayer sessions even in class rooms. Students are also required to take part in various other religious activities and services during their academic year. While some students manage to handle the religious activities they are imposed with, some students find it very difficult to cope up as religion is being forced down their throat. Some colleges force religion into students and the students find this highly stressful.

However there are other colleges where religious studies are offered as an alternative and those who are not interested are not forced with the religious teachings. In these colleges the religious policies are also moderate and are not as stringent as the other Christian colleges.

Compared to regular colleges, Christian colleges are more conservative and strict in their approach and concentrate on Christian ideology and theology. The regular colleges may offer prayer at graduation, but their religious inclination is very minimal. These colleges are also comparatively more open minded in their policies towards students. Regular colleges also impose strict rules on students to maintain standards, however these rules are moderate as compared to the rules imposed by Christian colleges.

Though the Christian Colleges are inclined towards religious education, there are good christian colleges where students are furnished with superior education in other streams apart from religion.

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